Instructions and How to Calculate Handicap Bets

Instructions and How to Calculate Handicap Bets

Instructions and How to Calculate Handicap Bets – To win the handicap betting ball gambling game, of course, the bettor must know in advance about the instructions for playing this bet and how to calculate it.

Instructions and how to find out the rules for playing handicaps for those of you who have just plunged into the world of online gambling, of course, really need a guide so that you can make your steps easier in playing online soccer betting What is called a Handicap? Handicap or what is usually called the Asian Handicap, because the average person who likes this game is the people of Indonesia or other Asian countries.

Several types of handicaps in soccer betting

    Handicap 0 which means no points
    Handicap 0.25 which means giving 1/4 points to your opponent
    Handicap 0.5 which means giving 1/2 points to your opponent
    0.75 handicap which means giving 3/4 points to your opponent
    Handicap 1 which means giving 1 point to your opponent
    Handicap 1.15 – 1.25 which means giving 11/4 points to your opponent

How to Calculate Handicap Bets

1. Calculating Handicap 0: this is a type of handicap that is very easy to understand. For example, if one person chooses the Liverpool club that will compete against Arsenal, if Liverpool wins the match then that player is also guaranteed to win. And if the match ends with a draw, then the bet will not win or lose.
2. Calculating Handicap 0.5 or 0.25: for example Manchester City vs Manchester United + 0.5 which means Manchester United are given 1/4 points. You choose Machester City and the final result is 1: 0 then you have the right to win in full, but if the result of the match is 0: 0 it means you lose half of the total bet. However, if you choose Manchester United and the final result is 0: 0, you have the right to win in full and vice versa if Manchester United lose by any score it means you have lost completely.
3. Calculating Handicap 0.5: Suppose a match between AC Milan vs Inter Milan +0.5 means that Inter Milan is awarded with 1/2 points. If you choose AC Milan and the final result wins by 1: 0 then you win completely, but if the final score is 0: 0 or a draw then you lose completely. If instead you choose Inter Milan and the final result of the match is a draw then you also win in full.
4. Calculating Handicap 5.1 / 0.75: a match between Juventus vs Napoli +5.1 means Napoli are awarded 3/4 points. Juventus is the team you choose in the bet, and if in the match you win with a final result of 1: 0 then you only win half of the total bet. If you want to fully win the bet, the team you choose must win with a score of 2: 0. On the other hand, if you choose Napoli and the final result is Juventus, then you will only lose half of the total bet. But if Juventus scores more than 1 goal then you lose completely. If you choose Juventus and lose by any score then you can be sure you lose completely, but if you choose Napoli and the end result is a draw or even then you have the right to win in full.
5. Calculating Handicap 1: for example the match between Barcelona against Malaga +1 (Malaga given 1 point by Barcelona). You choose Barcelona and the match is won by Barcelona only with a score of 1: 0, then the bet is considered a draw or no one wins and no one loses. However, if you want to win, at least 2 goals without reply must be created by Barcelona. If the match between the teams ends with a score of 0: 0 then you will definitely lose in full.
6.Calculating Handicap 1.15 / 1.25: the match between PSG vs AS Monaco +1.15 (PSG gives AS Monaco 1 1/4 points), you choose PSG and the final result of the PSG match comes out to be a winner with a score of 1: 0 then you only lose half. At least 2 goals from PSG can only make you win, and even then, you only win half of the total bet. Especially if the match ends in a draw then you are certain to lose completely.
Many Advantages of Cockfighting Gambling

Many Advantages of Cockfighting Gambling

Many Advantages of Cockfighting Gambling – If you win the cockfighting gambling game, of course, it will provide many benefits for the gambling game players.

Playing any online gambling will indeed provide a lot of fun things for every player. Likewise, if we try to play online cockfighting gambling which incidentally this game is a game that used to be very difficult for us to do, but now easily anyone can play this gambling game because it can be played online.

Tips and Tricks to Play Online Cockfighting Gambling

From playing this online cockfighting gambling, of course every player or gambler has a goal in every bet. Nothing but a victory. From the winnings that we will get, of course it will give us satisfaction as gamblers, at the same time we will also get a lot of benefits. With the many benefits that we will get later, it is possible that later we will become rich cockfighting gamblers with every advantage we get.
To get satisfaction and benefits in playing cockfighting gambling, of course we, as fans of the game who want to play and run the stakes, need to think about the things that need to be done before playing. This is so that later we will be smooth in making bets on this one online gambling game. By doing a number of things that should be done, either before starting to play bets or when playing this cockfighting bet, it will make us smooth and not difficult to win every bet.
Whatever online gambling game we play in it, of course there are strategies and tricks to play to make it easier for us to find victory. The same is the case when we play this online cockfighting gambling. Of course, in playing cockfight gambling, each player must first think about the best and accurate strategy.

Strategies for Playing Online Cockfighting Gambling to Win and Get A Lot of Profits

Even though this online cockfighting gambling is fairly easy, of course every player is required to always implement the right and best strategy in carrying out their stakes. As for some tips and tricks and strategies for playing this online cockfighting gambling so that you win and get easy profits, they are as follows:

– Choose the bet type that has a higher percentage of winning and profits

In this online cockfight gambling game, there are several types of bets in the game that we can choose one of them. Choosing the right type of bet will certainly have an impact and also affect the results we will get later when playing. So that it is easier for us to win and get a profit, then we need to choose the type of bet that has a greater percentage and chance of winning and also a bigger profit. But for those of us who are still beginner cockfighting gamblers, we are advised to first choose the easiest type of bet.

– Right in Choosing the Type of Chicken

In addition to choosing the type of bet, in this cockfighting gambling game, each player is required to choose the right and best type of fighting cock. Of course, each chicken provided in the game has different dexterity and strength. Therefore, we must choose which one is the best by seeing and knowing in advance which criteria of the chicken are the best that we deserve to choose and we compete in the gambling.
Winning the Slot Gambling Jackpot

Winning the Slot Gambling Jackpot

Winning the Slot Gambling Jackpot – The jackpot in slot gambling games is certainly one of the bonuses that bettors really want, this jackpot bonus often gives big prizes.

Online slot games were originally played with hand tools with 3-5 small illustrated reels and played while playing. Previously, slot gambling games were just fun games to pass the time having fun in bars or clubs.
Even today, the game is no less popular. This online slot game can easily be found on online gambling sites. In fact, this game is very popular because it is easy to play and has the potential to win a big jackpot. Until now, several online slot players have tasted the jackpot. You can achieve this big win with a small capital.
Playing slot gambling with a lot of capital to get a progressive jackpot is not good. Because in slot gambling games, luck can attract a lot of luck at any time. Apart from progressive jackpots, slot machine games also have other bonuses. Such as bonus rounds (free spins), and many other types. If you register on the site there, you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of different types of slot machines. Over time, the game also develops according to the wishes of the players. You may only see 10-40 paylines, but now you can find games with thousands of paylines.
The amount of bets on slot gambling varies depending on what online players want. There are small capital companies that only need tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. As a player, you can decide for yourself with what capital you want to play with. Very interesting no, what about the chances of winning? So I’ll explain RTP

Explanation of RTP (Return to Player) in Online Slot Games

Most slot machines have an RTP of 82% to 92%, depending on the type or method of play itself. Slot players often misunderstand RTP itself.
Many believe that playing 100 rounds of food will win you the jackpot or your stakes. But this is a big mistake because here you can get your RTP on the third or fourth lap without having to run 100 laps first.
And for the bonus itself or the free spins (free spins), the RTP is not affected. In essence, every time you play slot gambling, there is always a chance to win big, even though it is in the 20th round of 100 rounds. Therefore, slot machines can be said to be jackpot slot machines because you have the chance to win extraordinary prizes in each spin.
Trust your luck when playing online slots
When you play online slot games, you have to believe in your luck and feelings. Because happiness can happen suddenly, and today you can do it right away.
Constraints of Online Poker Gambling

Constraints of Online Poker Gambling

Constraints of Online Poker Gambling – Not only in the caino gambling game, the bettor can experience problems, in the game of poker gambling, players often experience problems that disturb the bettor in playing this game.

Bettor currently must be able to anticipate the various problems that exist in online poker gambling. Have you ever experienced a particular problem when you are playing an online poker game. There are more and more bettors who still can’t get a direct understanding of the best method to be able to choose the best gambling site. However, on the other hand, you also need to understand the obstacles that exist and often also occur in ongoing online gambling games.
Until now, the problems that exist in online gambling games still often occur repeatedly. Moreover, what makes this problem bigger is that nothing can completely overcome such obstacles. The confusion that often occurs also does not need to think about the losses of these bettors. The losses experienced are also not small in the eyes of gambling beginners. If you don’t want to continue to experience losses playing online gambling, then you better understand first the obstacles that exist in online gambling.
Understand the Constraints of Online Poker Gambling in Indonesia
An understanding of the obstacles that exist in online gambling is indeed very important for all bettors who already believe in certain sites. You must read the article about the problem of online gambling as below:

1. IP changed

The main obstacle that is very often experienced by members is the problem with IP which often changes. The first step you have to do is that you have to log in to two places with the same IP. For example, you log in via a PC and the other uses your smartphone. The only way to solve a problem like this is to clean your browsing of the browser on every media you use. Like on your smartphone and also the laptop or PC that you use to log in.

2. Cannot withdraw or withdraw funds

In this one obstacle, you must pay attention to the games you did before. Because the reason you cannot withdraw funds is because you did not log-out correctly when playing the game. You just have to get back to the game, just pick whichever table you want. After that, please select the column to occupy the seat, then just stand up again to make your account in a legal exit condition.

3. Poor server network

In online poker gambling games, of course, you will choose the best server. Many bettors or potential bettors don’t know how good a server to choose. It is recommended that you choose a server with a good network quality so that it can be very profitable for you. Because if the network is not good enough, when you play it will definitely be destroyed. For example, if you are betting on a nominal value of IDR 50,000, then when the network is not good, you will press and hold to bet add.

4. Service is not good

Another problem is where the services provided are not as good as we want or deserve. Constraints can arise with the cause of beautiful service customers who are only concerned with themselves. Experienced customer service will certainly be able to make the interests and convenience of the betting agent’s bettor the foremost.
Obstacles in Playing Online Casino Gambling

Obstacles in Playing Online Casino Gambling

Obstacles in Playing Online Casino Gambling – In playing casino games through online bettors, of course, often experience problems in playing them, to avoid these obstacles you have to know what are the obstacles there are.

the times and technology. Anyone nowadays can play online gambling games very easily. Want it anywhere, anytime and through any type of mobile device, be it tablets, computers to smart phones.
With the existence of a smart device and also a very supportive internet network, of course it will make it easier for anyone to play it. Even so, there are still a number of gambling players who still often experience simple problems when playing them. The obstacles contained therein also vary from minor to very fatal constraints and affect your gambling account.

Constraints that tend to occur when playing online gambling bets

Understanding what the constraints are in online gambling betting is undeniably so important. Therefore, in this article, we will provide a review for all of the obstacles that often occur when playing online gambling. But don’t forget to keep reading the articles we share until the end. Well, here are some of the problems that often occur in online gambling, including:

    IP is changing so often

The first obstacle is one that very often occurs, namely the sudden change of IP address. If when you play and experience problems like this, then the first step you must do is log back into the game in two places but with the same IP. The only way to overcome problems like this is to clear all history in the browser on each of the media that you used before. Like on the smartphone or PC that you use to log in.

    It’s difficult when you want to withdraw your winning or withdrawing funds

Online Gambling Betting The second obstacle is difficult when you want to withdraw your winnings or withdrawals. If you experience problems like this when playing, what you must pay attention to is the game you did before. Because you may not be able to withdraw funds because you did not log out correctly while the game was in progress. If so, you must return to sit at the game table, just choose whichever table you want. If you are already sitting at the game table, then you can immediately stand up from the table to log out your account properly.

    Non-smooth network on the server

As an online gambling fan, of course you will choose a site that uses the best servers. But there are still a lot of online gambling fans who don’t understand how good the server they will choose. If you choose the wrong server, you will often experience problems when playing online gambling bets. Therefore, be more selective in choosing a site. Because if you choose a site with the best server, you will always get the benefits.